Monday, May 01, 2006


Will I ever learn?

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. We had the kids over and grilled some burgers and hot dogs. My oldest daughter, and her daughter, even made it though she was sick. That was really nice as the point of the get-together was to remake a photo of them with their pets. See, my youngest daughter had found an old photo of the three kids with their new pets (two puppies and a kitten) taken almost 15 years ago on the steps of our house at the time. One of the dogs...well, she will be taking a last ride to the vet very soon. We just wanted to remake that photo before it's too late. After the photo my son complained about how the steps had shrunk in 15 years. lol It was great sitting around and chatting about things and catching up. After they left, I finally was able to get online. However I was pretty tired so I just did some browsing around the web and came up on the strangest websites about nursing. What will they think of next?

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